The Academic Scribblers: American Economists in Collision

1971 Hardcover

From the Foreword to the Third Edition of The Academic Scribblers:

William Breit and Roger Ransom write out of a conviction that serious economic ideas are important for the making and understanding of economic policy.  If they are right, and I think they are, then it must also be important that serious citizens understand not only the potted conclusions of economic analysis, but also something about the reasoning and observation that lead up to them.

The authors goal, bless their hearts, is to make basic economic ideas clear and interesting.  One way to lighten and brighten the way is to say something about the lives of major figures in the Anglo-American mainstream. ... Maybe knowing something about the thinker helps one pay attention to the thought.  But it is the thought that matters.
Robert Solow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1971 Paperback 

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